Global Warming PPT Presentation Download

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This is a good educational presentation. Here we examine the long term effects of global warming. How it affects the rise in temperature in our atmosphere which speeds up the melting of polar ice caps. What is the Green House Effect? What’s causing climate change? Many factors are playing a role, but one substantial source of greenhouse gases stands out: fossil fuels. We dig deep, exploring where these fuels come from and why they’re causing so much trouble. We also look at how major industries, from manufacturing to logging to farming, are contributing to climate change, and we investigate how everyone is unwittingly contributing to the problem.

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  1. This is nice presentation and will help our children for their examinations. However, they must be made aware of our old life style of living in a small economy. They are to be encouraged to restrain the needs from their very childhood. In our home we have rule of keeping maximum clothes per member (say 20 shirts, 15 pants, & so on) . So if one wants to buy further clothing, one has to give out the equivalent nubmer for good cause.
    By the way, thanks for your all good effort. Congrats.

  2. This is the second post, of urs I really read.
    Yet I really enjoy this specific one, “Global Warming
    PPT – Powerpoint Presentation Download | Global Warming Essay” the most.

    Take care -Shoshana

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